The Pianist's Search—Endorsements

About The Pianist's Search

"Very accurate...very succinctly should be a great help."
Legendary jazz pianist Kenny Werner

"I received my book today and after glancing through it and listening to the CDs, I'm thinking my dream has finally come true! The introduction on the first CD is my life story. I've spent thousands of dollars on books trying to unlock the key to playing beautiful jazz renditions of my favorite old standards from fakebooks. I've got the theory down pat. I just haven't been aable to find anything that has been very useful at teaching me how to put it together to make good, professional sounding music. Your system looks like the answer. I'm going to work very hard to make it work for me. Thanks for making it available.

"P.S. 'Danny Boy' is one of my favorite songs. Your jazzed up rendition is beautiful and exactly the way I would like to play it."
Mark Turner (Email from a customer)

"This is the most comprehensive, thorough, unified and well-written jazz harmony book I have ever seen.‹It doesn't just offer snapshots of isolated chords, but provides the perfect contexts for their implementation based on the most fundamental voice-leading principals. The practice methods are also indispensable and very easy to employ."
Jono Kornfeld M.A. -- Award winning Composer/Pianist/Author, Music Theory faculty-San Francisco State University, Community Music Center, San Francisco

"I was very inspired when I listened to the explanation and the following musical examples on your accompanying CD. The things you said about the misunderstandings and wrong expectations contrasting learning a jazz song as opposed to a classical piece were absolutely true. The excerpts are beautifully played, and your method of teaching reharmonization is wonderful. I will recommend it highly to students without reservation."
Randy Porter -- Internationally acclaimed jazz pianist, Winner of the 1999 Jazziz and Newport Jazz Piano Competition

"The Pianist's Search is an amazing addition to the jazz piano literature.‹ Written by an experienced, professional pianist/composer, this invaluable resource covers topics such as chord voicings, progressions, substitutions, and arranging techniques.‹ The text is filled with practical exercises written in all keys and many exceptional musical examples.‹ The two CDs, with their additional explanations, metronome clicktracks for practicing, and demonstrations will further support anyone interested in acquiring these skills.‹ The Pianist's Search offers a fresh approach and insight into the art of modern jazz piano."
Sal Talio -- The Piano House/Director MM, MMed: Manhattan School of Music, Former instructor of composition/theory at The High School for the Performing And Visual Arts in Houston, Texas

"A completely unique, expansive and comprehensive, logical approach to mastering the subtle art of creative chord substitution.‹ Perhaps the best I've ever seen to date."``
Lonnie Leibowitz -- Jazz pianist/arranger/teacher, Recording Artist, BMI Composer

About Adam's Recordings

"Domash has clearly mastered his instrument˜the scope of his playing encompasses percussive, atonal clusters; spare, delicate shards; tinkling, darting lines; and bubbling, churning torrents˜he eschews linear or thematic development for a coloristic juxtaposition of textures and densities˜Domash is an inventive player with a sure touch, never sounding derivative."
Cadence Magazine

"Domash’s improvisations are as emotionally involving as they are technically prodigious – bright, joyous, engaging playing from a nimble musical mind."
Piano and Keyboard Magazine